Wusik Members Only from june 1st

Started on June 1st, Wusik is now a closed VIP club. Only users with an active Membership subscription will be able to get new products, new sounds, the Wusik Magazine, the Wusik Label and everything else they create and release from Wusik directly. Plus, the latest version of the Wusikstation VSTi and all future updates.

What’s included in the VIP Membership (you get all this right after you subscribe):
* The latest Wusikstation VSTi Version.
* Wusik VM (VST Manager) Plus the following Midi-Tools: Key Switch, Arpegiattor and Melody.
* The new Sample-Editor VSTi. Allows you to record, edit and create WusikSND files.
* All the sounds and extra files available from our Members-Area.
* All future Wusikstation updates.
* Exclusive Beta testing to new product versions.
* Exclusive Extra Sounds. (not available for the public before)
* New Sounds every week/month.
* All future new products. (exclusive to members) Including our upcoming Drum-Machine project. (unamed yet)
* WusikMagazine.com site full access.
* A new database system to preview and download only the things you want.
* Unlimited access to previous sounds.
* WusikLabel.com account included. Sell your songs online. 100 Meg space for music, pictures and videos. Multiple formats. Your own Forum, Guestbook, Blog and many other options included.

(*) The Wusikstation VSTi comes with no extra sounds, but you can download and use any of the sounds found on our database, which you will have full access once you apply for a membership.

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