New Solid State Logic products introduced at coming AES 2008

Solid State Logic (SSL), manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for film, audio, video and broadcast professionals, will highlight its ongoing development of hardware and software tools for Audio Production and Broadcast professionals.

SSL’s modular X-Rack/Mynx SuperAnalogue™ mixing and processing system receives two new additions to the range of modules available. The new modules lovingly reproduce the legendary sonic signature of the early 80’s classic, the SSL 4000 E console channel strip that featured so heavily on countless 1980’s recordings. The E Series EQ Module features both of the EQ characteristics found on the classic 4000 E; the uniquely smooth ‘Brown’ EQ response characteristics and the sharper ‘Black’ response curves. The ‘Brown’ EQ sound was featured on the recently discontinued SSL E-Signature Channel Strip so is now uniquely available on the E Series EQ Module. The E Series Dynamics Module features a Compressor/Limiter and an Expander/Gate, both of which return faithfully to the circuitry and key components which defined the sound of the original SL 611E Series channel strip. A true RMS converter is used in the side chain whilst the gain element is an all discrete design identical to the Class A VCA chip used in the original unit. The compressor contains additional switching options to defeat the over-easy curve and to use a linear release instead of the more usual logarithmic curve. The result is a compressor with three distinct voices, each with its own musical character.

Also launched at AES 08 will be Vocalstrip, the new dedicated vocal processing plug-in for the Duende plug-in collection. Vocalstrip is an application specific plug-in that draws upon decades of SSL professional engineering expertise to combine the right four processing elements to create the simple route to professional vocal recordings. Combining powerful EQ and dynamics sections with essential vocal processors, Vocalstrip is designed to bring power, character and clarity to vocal tracks – all from a single interface.

On show in action for the first time will also be MadiXtreme, SSL’s new PCIe I/O interface. MadiXtreme is a new range of high channel count I/O interfaces offering either 64 or 128 channels of digital I/O via MADI Optical connection. MadiXtreme is the perfect cost effective solution for interfacing your DAW system with MADI enabled equipment like consoles or routers. When combined with SSL’s highly respected Alpha-Link AD/DA converter range MadiXtreme offers exceptional audio I/O for Mac or PC based DAW users.

SSL will also showcase their hugely successful audio console range with their acclaimed Duality, AWS 900+, Matrix, C300 HD and C100 HD Range all available for demonstration at the show.

AES will also be the first opportunity to experience Matrix at a US Music show. Designed for small production suites, Matrix is a 16-channel, 40-input SuperAnalogue® mixing console with an integrated software controlled analogue routing matrix that enables external analogue processors to be neatly incorporated into the DAW environment, simplifying installation and speeding up production. Matrix is also a sophisticated Ethernet connected hardware control surface offering advanced control of up to four DAW’s simultaneously.

With the 400th console recently shipped, SSL are using AES 2008 to announce an upgrade to the hugely successful AWS 900+. The AWS 900+ becomes the AWS 900+ SE and will be demonstrated at AES with an upgraded feature set that includes the MIDI over Ethernet system introduced this year with the SSL Matrix console. MIDI over Ethernet replaces existing MIDI connectivity with a single Ethernet connection that enables the console to communicate directly with your DAW host computer, thus simplifying installation and removing the need for a separate MIDI interface. AWS 900+ SE will also include SSL’s Logictivity browser software, a DAW host computer based project management browser application. Logictivity facilitates TR and AWSomation data storage and streamlined offline configuration capabilities including scribble strip naming. The SE upgrade will be available for purchase by existing AWS 900 and AWS 900+ owners.

With installations in prestigious commercial and private recording facilities, educational establishments and broadcast production studios worldwide Duality has established itself as the new industry standard. The phenomenal success of Duality is attributed by many to its unique combination of SuperAnalogue audio console and advanced DAW hardware control surface. A single hardware control surface offers exemplary analogue record path, processing, monitoring & summing AND a streamlined DAW hardware control surface that returns the creative process from the screen, mouse & keyboard to intuitive hardware controls.


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