Kong Audio Chinee Series all plugins updated

Kong Audio is happy to bring you the latest vital updates for the Chinee Series plugins. The updates are free for all registered users.

* Chinee Winds to v1.81
* Chinee Kong to v2.88
* Chinee Erhu to v1.41
* Chinee Guzheng to v1.61
* Chinee Nanxiao to v1.41
* Chinee Pipa to v1.41
* Chinee Suona to v1.1
* Matouqin to v1.11

* New 12-note Keyswitching Patches. All plugins (except for Chineekong V2+) now comes with new presets utilizing 12-note (C1-B1) keyswitching, giving users a vastly improved live playability. Also added are more detailed mapped basic patches.
* No more abrupt notes cutting off during the keyswitching process.
* Pitch Envelope is now added to ChineeWinds and ChineeNanxiao besides Guzheng.
* Changes are made to keyswitching in Chineekong V2+ under the hood. Now keyswitching must be confined to MIDI channel 1, but no more abrupt notes cutting-off during the keyswitching process. It’s now practical to set up keyswitching in Chineekong V2+ and use it either for live performance or sequencing.
* Updated Guzheng soundbank (Installing this updated soundbank to be used with the new plugin dll is mandatory).

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