Mixed In Key Version 4.0 ready for Launch

Mixed In Key is software created for the world’s best DJs. With its user-friendly design and trusted technology, Mixed In Key makes harmonic mixing easy. Mixed In Key takes your mixing to the next level by showing which songs you can mix together without a key clash. It works with all CD decks, Ableton Live, Traktor, Serato Scratch Live, and all other mixing software and hardware. Your DJ sets will always sound smooth and professional.

Version 4.0 Features:
* Improved design and algorithm for the world’s best DJs.
* Tons of tweaks to make Mixed In Key even better.
* Ability to create playlists in “Browse Collection.”
* If the song doesn’t sound perfect (the volume is too loud, it has too many clipped peaks, the song is off-key, etc), Mixed In Key will show a gentle warning. It will suggest how to improve your MP3 or WAV files to make them sound great.
* Create keywords for each song to make them easy to find. Type in words like “anthem” or “fall 2008” and search for them later.

Version 4.0 is available in two styles: The original theme and Allen & Heath XONE theme. The original theme is available from http://www.MixedInKey.com. The Allen & Heath theme is available from http://Xone.MixedInKey.com. Pricing is the same for both versions: 58.00
USD for the digital download. Both Mac OSX and Windows editions are available.

Mixed In Key

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