Audiofile Engineering presents Wave Editor 1.4

Audiofile Engineering, a leading audio software developer for the Mac, is now shipping Wave Editor 1.4, the latest update to their popular and unique audio editing application. In addition to new features and functionality, Wave Editor 1.4 also carries a new, lower price of $79.

Created from the ground up for Mac OS X, Wave Editor brings a modern and elegant toolset to the practical task of manipulating audio on your Mac. Wave Editor offers all the essential editing features you require, while providing an inspired environment for sound design and creation. Taking advantage of Cocoa, Core Audio, Quartz, and other solid OS X technologies, Wave Editor brings you up-to-date with the latest advances in interface design, speed and stability, without compromising power.

Wave Editor has won a loyal following with such innovative concepts as non-destructive sound design via editing of audio in Layers, native support for Audio Units and VST plug-ins, and Bezier curve-based fades; support for multichannel files; the ability to combine different file types/sample rates/bit-depths in a single file; configurable level
meters; built-in Spectrograph and Stereograph; customizable document templates; plus the industry’s best sample rate conversion and dither powered by iZotope.

Wave Editor 1.4 adds a host of new features beginning with native support for VST effect plug-ins, the most popular plug-in format on the market. Audio File First Aid is the industry’s first utility to diagnose and repair the most common causes of corrupt audio files. Wave Editor 1.4 expands on the DDP export functionality by providing DDP Import (DDP Loadback), giving you even more power during the vital mastering and reproduction process by freely loading DDP images back into Wave Editor, with everything intact: track markers, indexes, ISRC and PQ codes, CD-TEXT and more.

Wave Editor 1.4 includes workflow enhancements including DDP MD5 checksums, PQ and Cue Sheet export, keyboard shortcut presets, user-customizable split-file naming support as well as smoother and faster performance, improved meters, and new contextual menu items for even more efficient production.

Audiofile Engineering

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