reFX NEXUS 2 updated plus two new expansions

NEXUS 2 has been updated to 2.1.0 and two new expansions have been released. Vocoder and NuElectro.

Fixes in 2.1.0

  • New insert FX: Ringmod.
  • All Delay-FX now follow the tempo without artifacts.
  • Chorus-, Flanger- & Ensemble-FX parameter changes don’t introduce artifacts.
  • The FFT display is now more precise.
  • Memory optimizations. NEXUS2 now uses less memory than before.
  • Added new internal features for the new expansions.
  • OSX: Made NEXUS2 more compatible with Time Machine.

128 vocoder / choir / vocal sounds for Nexus2.Typical Daft Punk basses, Kanye West Vocoder, Loveparade Vocoder Beats, Hollywood choirs of high quality and many funky vocals – this absolutely crazed expansion is a unique item on the market and makes you go mad with creativity. It is a must-have for everyone who needs that certain ‘something’ in their productions!

Kraftwerk goes 2009… The NuElectro artist ‘Rauschwerk’ presents 160 impressive presets that show you what is needed for true Electro music: warm basses, deep 808-like eDrumkits, spheric pads and textures, beeeps & boongs. Sampled from cult-synths of the Electro-era, this is the breath-taking all-in-one package for the NuElectro style!





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