Tone2 Audiosoftware release Gladiator 2.1 update

Tone2 Audiosoftware have announced the availability of a free update for Gladiator 2. A revolution in synthesis! Gladiator uses Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) combined with a large, expandable collection of standard and resynthesized waves. These waves can be modified in real time using various modifiers altering their harmonic structure, in total there are more then 30.000 different spectra available for combination and modulation.

New features:



  • Three new Phase Modulators for analog sounding pulse width modulation (PWM, PWM Alt and Phase Shift)
  • Song sync. support for LFO 1 & 2

    • Split keyboard support with two new modulation sources: low keys and high keys

    • New ARP mode ‘Split’, using an arp (high Keys) – normal play (low keys) keyboard split

    • 18 new factory sounds



  • Highly improved lower notes oscillator sound

    • Improved reverb sound: softer and more diffuse reverb tails


  • Improved psychoacoustical processing

    • Improved spectral slope of low frequencies to reduce Gibbs effect, for a more ‘analog’ sound

    • Improved intelligent microtuning (IQM) sound quality: warmer sound for long release times


  • Extended dB range of master volume knob

    • Improved host compatibility: Cubase 4 & 5, Orion, Fruity Loops and Logic

    • Shorter loading time (PC)

    • Reworked factory presets to reflect engine quality improvements

    Changes and fixes:


  • Fixed: Wrong version number was displayed in Cubase (PC)

    • Fixed: Microglitch in volume envelope (PC, Mac)

    • Fixed: ‘Demoversion’ instead of user name was displayed after loading (Mac)

    • Fixed: ‘Spec format’ and ‘Spec clean’ modifier could output silence (Mac)

    • Fixed: ‘Save All’ could crash Gladiator2 (Mac)

    • Changed: Focus of mouseover when ‘show editor’ was set to ‘off’ (Mac)

    • Changed: Nag voice only every 9 minutes instead of every minute (PC & Mac Demo)

    For more information please visit the Tone2 website at




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