Mixvibes CROSS Pack now shipping

Further to the launch of the new MixVibes CROSS Pack, MixVibes unveils a video featuring a mix performed on MixVibes CROSS with timecode CDs, and showing some of the product’s latest functionality.

MixVibes CROSS Pack is perfect for any DJ seeking an totally integrated solution – it includes an audio interface (the U46MK2, previously included in MixVibes DVS pack), control vinyl and CDs, as well as DJ software. The interface is simple, clear and user-friendly, and was designed so that users can easily manage their sets and playlists efficiently. With MixVibes CROSS, users can display their track library exactly the same way as it is displayed in iTunes, for even more convenience.

MixVibes CROSS Pack offers outstanding sound quality and exceptionally low latency, which makes it perfect for professional users. Included ultra-stable multiplatform DJ software was specifically designed based on MixVibes’ ten years experience in DJ and music software development. One of MixVibes CROSS Pack’s main innovations is a new high definition timecode, primarily developed for control CDs, featuring a very high frequency – 3000 Hz – and compact design, capable of detecting a new playback position in less than 5 ms. Rock solid operation is guaranteed by 16-bit control, and high quality software master tempo was designed to keep the reliability of the decks’ master tempo. The result is pristine sound quality, great response, genuine scratch sound and ultra-accurate Hot Cue control, as demoed in this video.

“We designed MixVibes CROSS based on pro DJs feedback and demands”, says Eric Guez, MixVibes Founder. “It was crucial for us to come up with a very simple and intuitive interface that works on both platforms and every single function was meticulously tested to ensure maximum reliability. Most of all, we focused on efficiency, with easy access to collections, loops and hot cues, mixing and scratching performance, response and sound quality, which we believe are the most important points for pro DJs.”

MixVibes CROSS Pack is currently shipping and carries an MSRP of US$449. MixVibes CROSS (software only) is also shipping and carries an MSRP of US$199. For comprehensive product information, visit www.mixvibes.com.

Mixvibes CROSS supports most current Mac and Windows operating systems, and is already fully Windows7 and Snow Leopard compatible.




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