Updates for Stanton System 3 Controllers

Stanton’s much anticipated update to its SCS.3 Serato ScratchLive (SSL) preset is now available. The SCS.3 Serato ScratchLive V2 preset gives you unmatched control over SSL, no matter whether you own a single SCS.3d or the whole SCS.3 system.

In addition, they’ve added full support for the Serato Video-SL plug-in, allowing users to take advantage of Video-SL without needing anything more than your SCS.3 controller. In additional, SCS.3ds are now capable of controlling the waveform in SSL no timecode needed.

New features include:
    * Direct waveform manipulation (scratching, cueing, etc.)
    * Control of Video SL
    * Full compatibility with the new ScratchLive 1.92 features (including sample banks)

The SCS.3 Serato ScratchLive V2 preset is available now on the Stanton forum, and the final version will be bundled into the next SCS.3 DaRouter release.

Also, please take a minute and grab the latest DaRouter build for SCS.3. It’s got new presets bundled in, and lots of fixes and optimizations (including a much smoother installer for Win7 and Vista, superior device detection, and full support for Snow Leopard!). Download DaRouter here.




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