Alchemy Factory Bonus 3 Released


Alchemy Factory Presets & Samples Bonus 3 offers over a gigabyte of new samples. Acoustic instruments are a major feature of this latest collection, including a grand piano, baroque lute, cimbalom, autoharp, and hammered dulcimer, plus delicate meditation bowls and crystal glasses. There are also loads of dramatic one-shot hits, sweeps, and crashes, war drums, tabla loops, and bowed cymbal effects.


Electric instruments haven’t been forgotten either, with new transistor and tonebar organs, and over 50 new multi-sampled Basses featuring plenty of attitude from low and aggressive to rich and fruity. With soundscapes ranging from sci-fi drones to lush washes, fifteen new classic lead and pad synths, and even a bionic choir, Factory Bonus 3 contains rich pickings for the creative Alchemy user, and includes a bonus selection of 29 showcase presets.

Registered Alchemy users should log in to their support account to download the new Alchemy Factory Presets & Samples Bonus 3 content file.




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