From App to VST – Bleep!BOX VSTi

As far as we know it is a first. Instead of the other way round, Bleep!BOX is now available as a VST plugin. Originally released as an app for iPhone and iPad, this drum synth is coming to your desktop (PC and MAC). Now you can take presets you’ve made on your iPhone or iPad and load them up in your host sequencer of choice on your Mac or PC with full access to all parameters.

In addition to being able to load all your patterns from the iPhone version, bleep!BOX is a powerful drum synthesizer in it’s own right. It features 10 synthesis parts which can play the role of percussion or instruments and has 50+ parameters enabling you to recreate all kinds of classic drum sounds. Specialized parts for replicating vintage snare and hi-hat sounds are also included.

bleep!BOX is even more capable as a VST, since almost all parameters can be automated by your host. You can choose to use bleep!BOX’s pattern playback or sequence notes using your host’s piano roll allowing bleep!BOX to act as a tone generator or a full groove box.

Features List

  • – 10 Synth / Drum parts (aka voices)
  • – Emulations of ‘classic’ x0x drum sounds (snares, hihats, claps, bassdrums, toms, cymbals)
  • – Ringmod, FM, Phase Modulation, Sync
  • – 50+ Parameters
  • – Global delay FX
  • – Soft / Hard distortion FX
  • – 8 Waveforms – Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle, etc
  • – Save patches and presets
  • – Live performance modes – Loop / Stutter, Mute

bleep!BOX is available for $59 US for the VST Version and $9.99 US in the Apple App store. Existing App Store customers receive a discount code which lowers the VST Plugin price to $19.99.


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