Something for … Christmas: Jean-Michel Jarre … 1979!

If there is a list of people contributing to the evolution of electronic music, like an ‘electronic music hall of fame’, then this man definitely will be on it! Monsieur Jean-Michel Jarre! Especially his first albums were, to me personally, a revolution, an epiphany, an instant love for electronic music. Maybe even one of the reasons I ended up here at Gearjunkies. These sounds from these electronic boxes were just … awesome! Sounds I never had heart before.

So here’s the last ‘Something for the Weekend‘ of 2010 (next week I am off). It was Jean-Michel Jarre’s first concert at the Place De La Concorde, held on July 14, 1979, celebrating the Bastille Day. One million spectators attended this concert. Enjoy!


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