Emulator Multi-Touch Software version 1.4 available

Emulator is the most revolutionary experience for DJ’s in the last 30 years!, is the first REAL and USABLE Multi-Touch DJ System that allows the crowd to see exactly what the DJ is doing on a huge transparent touch screen. The art of DJ’ing is now part of the clubs lightshow, this is the next level in DJ performance!

Emulator is the first native multi-touch software for windows 7, this makes it possible to convert even a simple Tablet PC  into a powerful multi-touch midi controller. A version specifically for Mac OSX is currently under development. It is ready to use and does not require any special programming or configuration, follow the basic set up instructions and you are ready to play within 5 minutes.

Emulator is the only MIDI controller that can show all the information needed on one single screen. Their patented technology gives the user a ”heads-up” display of all tracks and information. Supports multiple controller layouts, covering the most important DJ’ing software on the market. Versions for Ableton, Serato and Virtual DJ are in development. The Traktor Pro version is available now.

It is a complete multi-touch MIDI controller, for example, the Traktor version has more than 130 MIDI buttons, knobs and sliders covering all common features of Traktor Pro and more! Emulator Multi-Touch System has an extreme low latency, with the touchscreen units the latency is only 7ms, this results in fast real time touch points, without the fear of false touchs or ghost points.

Emulator is fully upgradable, buying the Emulator software or any of their multi-touch packages, you receive lifetime product software upgrades with direct support from the private support forum. The software uses low CPU resources, all graphics in Emulator are accelerated by hardware, the graphical engine guarantees low cpu usage. Emulator is the most durable midi controller available, touch screens support extremely hard usage, the continuous usage will never deteriorate the sliders, knobs or buttons.

Smithson Martin Emulator


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