When analog gear meets design…

Allen Farmelo, NYC based recording engineer, mixer and producer, needed a console for his Farm studio room and turned to Brooklyn-based designer Francois Chambard, head of the design firm UM Project. They designed a console that combines the size and functionality of an SSL AWS 900, the vibe of a Quad Eight, but loaded with API gear. 

Chambard: “My process is analog, but I embrace the digital world as well. I like to think of it as “techno-craft.” Borrowing back and forth between the contemporary computer-assisted world of industrial design, and the tradition of craft and handmade goods.”

Farmelo elaborates: “Francois has the challenge bringing industrial steel and wood together, and I have the challenge of bringing a software arpeggio and a string quartet together. We have to both highlight those differences and blend them together in a way that works.

photo credits: UM Project/Francis Dzikowski. Original story by Core77.

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