Koma Elektronik Expression Controller

Koma Elektronik showed us a prototype of their expression controller which is like a motion sensor stompbox filter for guitarists and producers. It’s called the Koma BD101.

Description of the BD101: The CV signal of the onboard expression controller will be an output on the patchbay. This way you can control many of the onboard functions of the pedal without even touching it! For instance, when you use our Delay & Gating pedal, the KOMA BD101, you can control the LFO speed, gate amount, delay time & feedback of the effect, while playing your instrument! No need for external expression pedals anymore, with the KOMA FX pedal series it all comes in one package! Total control and no more pain in your back from kneeling down! Just how we like it!

The BD101 (and several other pedals as well) will be available in the fall of this year. The video below shows us more about the ‘expression control’ of the BD101.


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