Novation UltraNova Soundpack by DJ Chuckie

Novation is proud to introduce the first of many Soundpacks for UltraNova, fresh from the studios of Chuckie, king of the Dirty Dutch sound. Programmed by Chuckie and his two co-producers, Fabian Lenssen and Silvio Ecomo, the Soundpack comprises 20 patches to give you the Dirty Dutch-inspired sound in your UltraNova.

The Soundpack is free for all UltraNova owners: simply visit to download the file. Installation is easy, just connect your UltraNova to your computer, then drag and drop the Soundpack file into the UltraNova Library’s GUI.

Chuckie’s rise to fame began long before his hit record ‘Let The Bass Kick’ stormed the charts in 2009. He began playing hip hop clubs in Holland in the early ’90s, before moving over to a more house-based style of music. Soon after, he was DJing to tens of thousands of revelers at dance music events such as Sensation in Amsterdam.

Chuckie’s production career blossomed in harmony with his DJ work, and he has countless remixes to his name — for the likes of David Guetta and Bob Sinclar — alongside his own records, including ‘Let The Bass Kick’, which catapulted him to the world stage. 2011 sees Chuckie working on an album with artists such as Akon, Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, Estelle and Toni Braxton.

Chuckie’s production duo of Fabian Lenssen and SIlvio Ecomo have, between them, produced tracks and remixes for the likes of Pitbull, P. Diddy, Ke$ha, Enrique Englesias and Will.I.Am. Their sound typifies the sound of the Dirty Dutch movement, for which Chuckie is the figurehead.


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