Ableton Operator Jam Sound Pack for AudioCubes

Are you looking for a basic Ableton demo you’d like to use with the AudioCubes? Download now the Operator Jam Sound Pack for AudioCubes (Sound Packs & Demos) (1.0). The set comes in 2 versions: one for people who have Operator and one version for people who don’t. It works with Ableton Live Intro 8 and up.

A short jam by Celine on Percussa AudioCubes, using Ableton Live 8 with the operator synth. Visit the Percussa website at to learn more about AudioCubes, the ultimate audiovisual live performance interface for Ableton Live and other MIDI compatible software and hardware. AudioCubes are wireless smart musical building blocks that are able to detect each other’s location and orientation. Colours can be controlled via MIDI from within Live.





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