Thermionic Culture Introduces The Culture Vulture Solo

The Culture Vulture Solo is a new development of the Vulture recently designed with help from Vic’s young protégé Ricky Sharp. There is more of a focus on use with guitar and bass di / amplifier front end applications but the unit also retains all the useful features for line level applications that previous models, including the Limited edition Culture Vulture, offered.

The Culture Vulture Solo is a single channel unit in a 2U 19″ rack chassis. It features the ability to switch, via the front panel or a dedicated footswitch, between the Clean and Dirty channels.

The Clean channel is an active channel that provides up to 35dB variable gain to an instrument level signal with a flat but warm sounding frequency response.
The Dirty channel has the Vultures Drive, Distortion type, Bias controls found on a standard Culture Vulture. It also features the PQ positions found on a Limited Edition Culture Vulture and the two Squash positions found on the Mastering and Limited Edition Culture Vultures.
The Dirty channel has a brand new Presence control and a more control over the amount of LPF available.

The rear input connector of the Culture Vulture Solo is unbalanced and semi-floating for improved integration with a DAW setup.

We believe that the Culture Vulture Solo has a greater range in the tonality that can be applied to mono instrument signals than ever before. Providing any signal with warm sounding gain or infinitely adjustable amounts of saturation, distortion and bite.

The valve complement of the Culture Vulture Solo is:
1 ECC83 double triode
1 5725 / 6AS6 single pentode
1 12DW7 / ECC832 double triode  

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