Dishan Abrahams Finds Real Bass Tone in A-Designs REDDI

Whether he’s touring the globe or recording with multi-platinum pop stars like Australia’s Kylie Minogue, England’s Sugababes or France’s Christophe Willem, bassist Dishan Abrahams is certain to be carrying his A-Designs REDDI tube direct box along with him.

Originally hailing from Perth, Australia but now based in London, Abrahams first heard about the REDDI from Kojo Samuel, Sugababes’ musical director and keyboardist, who suggested that he check it out. “When I finally did get my hands on one, I was amazed,” the bassist recalls. “The REDDI has warmth for days and is built like a little red tank. Since I’ve started using it, I’ve had loads of great comments from front-of-house and monitors engineers, which is really the true test of a D.I.

Abrahams was preparing to track new material with Kylie Minogue at London’s famed Abby Road Studios late last year when he first took delivery of his REDDI. “It immediately became a vital organ of my setup–one of those indispensible pieces of gear that I don’t know how I ever did studio sessions or live gigs without because it brings such a fullness to my sound. I’ve long had an ideal bass tone in my head and the REDDI has brought me the closest to that. My sound became ‘real’ with it in the mix.”

The musician’s signal path typically begins with either a ’69 Fender P Bass or Musicman Stingray 5 feeding into a pedal board followed by an Aguilar Tone Hammer preamp before heading off to his new tube direct box. “With the REDDI, I feel like I’m getting a lot more fat, warm ‘subbyness’ from my basses, which I love. It has seriously completed the best signal chain I’ve ever had.”

Following Kylie Minogue’s hugely successful Aphrodite World Tour last year, Abrahams is currently back out on the road again with the Australian pop diva for a much more intimate series of Anti-Tour concert dates celebrating her 25 years in the music industry. Naturally, an A-Designs REDDI has gone along for the trip.

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