Big Support for Propellerheads Rack Extension Platform

Yesterday’s big news was the release of the release of Propellerhead‘s new Rack Extension technology with Reason 6.5 and Reason Essentials 1.5, thirteen established plug-in developers have publicly committed to the platform — many releasing products today. Ranging from tweakable pianos to massively modulated filters and classic compressors, a total of twenty new instruments, effects and utilities are already available in the Propellerhead Shop with new ones being added daily. With a number of additional developers developing in secret, the future looks bright for the rack.

The reaction from developers since we introduced Rack Extensions has been astonishing. We’re opening the Propellerhead Shop today with some amazing creations available for immediate download into the Reason rack,” says Mats Karlöf, Rack Extension Product Manager. “And best of all is that users can try them all free in their music for thirty days, to discover the instruments and effects they’ll love.

Available to third parties as a software development toolkit, the Rack Extension technology is not just another plug-in format. Rack Extensions are full Reason rack citizens, giving users the same great experience with third party extensions as with any other Reason device—including the ability to load them in Reason’s Combinator, route audio and CV cables on the back, automation of all parameters, copy/paste devices and signal chains, and experimentation with the safety of unlimited undo.

The Rack Extension technology enable 3rd party developers to bring their expertise, sounds, and inspiring workflow into Reason by merging some of the best elements of typical plugin expandability with the best elements of Reason’s ongoing commitment to stability, efficiency, and musicality.

Many of us at iZotope have longed for the day that we could use more of our favorite production tools, like Ozone’s Maximizer, right inside of Reason. That day has come!” says Nick Dika, Senior Product Manager, iZotope. “Rack Extensions are a great solution for opening up the Reason rack to more world-class audio effects and instruments, and we are excited to be part of the launch with one of our flagship technologies.

Companies publicly supporting Rack Extensions

Audio Damage –

Audio Realism –

FXpansion –

GForce Software –

iZotope –

Korg –

Peff –

Rob Papen –

Softube –

Sonic Charge –

Sugar Bytes –

Synapse Audio –

u-he –

For full information about all available Rack Extensions and, to try and purchase them, visit the Propellerhead Shop:




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