Control Rob Papens Predator with your iPad

Now you clould take control over the powerful Predator from Rob Papen with the use of your own iPad and the Lemur app. Predator is DawControl‘s the most advanced Lemur template to date. It is created with the same care and understanding of user needs as all their templates but it just “feels” like there is more to it. They believe that it has something to do with the sound, Predator just sounds awesome!

The template also has beautiful pop-up menus with waveforms, sync modes and more. Instead of dragging a fader in search of the correct value you simply press a button and up comes a menu and you click a button with the option you want.

“Hands on”
Hands on is great when you want to control several things at one once. It gives you 4 knobs and an X/Y-pad. All knobs can target a different controller, select it by clicking on the name under the knob. The X/Y-pad has two selectable controllers, one for the X-axis and one for the Y-axis, both selectable directly under the pad itself.

So what does this template do then?
It’s a template for Lemur. With Lemur you get to control your DAW/MIDI from an iPad. This template does not contain Lemur itself, only a controlling template for Rob Papens Predator.





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