Paolo Apollo Negri Talks Waldorf

Paolo Apollo Negri is considered one of the finest Hammond organ players throughout the world, but his love for synthesizers has grown stronger and stronger in his live sects and studio works with The Link Quartet, Wicked Minds, Black Widow, Low Fidelity Jet-Set Orchestra and many others, as well as during his solo career. His last release, “Cobol”, is a synthesizer wonderland, where Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard, with its different type of synthesis, plays a central role, creating spacey landscapes, evocative intros and old fashioned polyphonic analog solos.

Paolo got in touch with his first Waldorf synthesizer in 1996 when he started using the Pulse Plus. This little analog monster, with its distinguishing modern analog sound, has been used on several of Paolo’s albums and always showed its endless power and versatility. Being both smooth and aggressive the Pulse has been the perfect choice for playing almost every kind of music.

In his solo projects Paolo tries to merge all of his different musical experiences playing modern funk, which is often based on Waldorf sound. The Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard has been the main inspiration for his last album “Cobol”. You can hear it in action in tracks like “Retrotheque” (where it is used to play an 80’s horn line, showing all the power of mixing synthesis technology, using analog waveforms together with sampled horns loaded into the machine with the useful Spectre software), “King & Queen in a castle made of sand” (where the Blofeld Keyboard shows two of his best sides: the warm analog poly sound of the intro, which evolves into the clean and neat digital wavetables sound of the main theme), “Red ant” (where the Blofeld Keyboard is used to play the main solo on a polyphonic sound reminding the best poly-synths of the ’70) and in every “Cobol” episode, short interludes made exclusively with synthesizers. Paolo found the inspiration for all of these tracks directly from the programming of Blofeld Keyboard’s sounds, being both fun and stimulating, always finding new potential from an instrument made to just sound great!

Paolo’s endless love for Waldorf instruments is also shown on his last single “Lightswitch”, which will be released in April 2012. Here the Pulse Plus and Blofeld Keyboard are joined by the mighty Microwave Rev. A, the first ever Waldorf synthesizer. The wavetables purity together with the analog cream of this machine are something absolutely amazing and they add the most distinctive touch to Paolo’s music.

Last but not least, Paolo found the perfect solution for live sects in the Waldorf Micro Q. Playing lot of gigs around Europe, Paolo was looking for a compact machine capable of covering almost every musical style. The virtual analog sound of the Micro Q, one of the best around, together with its wavetables synthesis and well known Waldorf’s flexibility of modulation and signal routing, was the ideal choice for having powerful mono-synths, creamy pads, sound effects and everything else you will ever need on a stage!





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