SM Pro introduces M-Patch V2 Monitor Controller

The M-Patch V2 is a compact high quality passive attenuator and patch control device building on the success of the original and best selling M-Patch series of products.

The M-Patch V2 offers a pure passive attenuator designed to retain sonic clarity and offer the purest path from your audio source to your active monitors or amplifiers. The result is clearer audio with more dynamic detail.

One of the most notable changes we have made with the M-Patch V2 is the replaceable encoder socket. The M-Patch V2 now ships with 2 replaceable encoders, one being an extremely detailed 12-step encoder.


  • shipping with two replaceable encoders
  • extremely accurate 12-step attenuation
  • Improved quality switches
  • Interchangeable Master Volume to a high end switch attenuator
  • Passive volume attenuation control
  • A/B multiple outputs
  • A & B output destination selector
  • Independent main & aux controls
  • Built in headphone amp
  • 3.5mm input for soundcard matching
  • Balanced and unbalanced input (XLR, RCA)
  • Stereo/mono summing switch
  • Mute function switch
  • 2 x stereo input sources
  • 2 x stereo output
  • Rack mount adaptors included

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