Everything Loudness with the TC Electronic Loudness Website

There are many aspects to loudness, and keeping track of all of them can be a challenge even to those already familiar with the topic. Therefore, TC has launched a new loudness website, as an extension of the overall TC Electronic website, where all of these aspects are outlined, explained and discussed. The site is an answer to the highly relevant question: What Is Loudness, and Why Is It Important?

The site is organized into several sub pages, and highlights include:  

• Introduction to Loudness – 101 Loudness explaining the basics in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand fashion.

• Broadcast Standards –What are the differences between the current standards? What are the significant details that are important to be aware of as a broadcaster or a deliverer of broadcast content?

• Applications –It is one thing to know the technology and the standards involved, it is another to know how, where and when to apply the technology in real-world situations.

• Events – As a loudness pioneer, TC has hosted several loudness seminars and have been  present at broadcast and pro audio shows all over the world. An ‘Events’ page sums up these activities and is also a valuable source for in-depth videos.

• Literature and Glossary – For those who would like to go deeper into the technical details, TC provides a massive collection of white papers describing and discussing all kinds of aspects of loudness technology, and finally there is also an extensive glossary explaining terms related to loudness.

In conclusion, TC’s new Loudness Webpage is the answer to any loudness-related questions for today and beyond.

Visit the New Loudness Website.




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