Open Labs Introduces Stagelight Music Application

Open Labs, the industry leader and pioneer for nearly a decade in all-in-one music production workstations and live performance software, is proud to announce StageLight™.

Create and Share In Minutes

StageLight is a revolutionary new music creation application for Windows PCs. StageLight is designed to give virtually anyone the ability to create a song they can share in minutes. With built-in support for the world’s leading social sound platform – and priced at just $9.99, StageLight is poised to open up the world of music creation to a bigger audience than ever before.

Our customers and partners consistently tell us aspiring artists need an easy, yet powerful way to create music on PCs, and we’ve listened. StageLight redefines the music creation experience,” said Cliff Mountain, Open Labs’ CEO. “Open Labs has taken everything we’ve learned creating Windows and touch screen solutions for thousands of the top artists and producers in the world and created StageLight. The simplicity of StageLight begins with our SongBuilder, which clearly and quickly guides you through the music creation process across a wide variety of genres. Today we’re delivering the easy way to make music now for millions of consumers. I’m looking forward to hearing what people create with StageLight!


Users will immediately see the opportunities presented by StageLight when they open the application, where they’ll be introduced to SongBuilder. If this is your first time ever using music creation software, if you’ve had a little bit of experience with it, or even if you’re a pro, there are options that will allow users of any skill level to literally produce their first tracks in minutes.

The elegant simplicity of StageLight’s music creation process sits on top of a robust, feature-rich platform that opens up even more possibilities for users as they improve their skills. An assortment of browsers for effects, loops, or sound clips enable users to not only find the exact right additions to their songs, but will allow them to preview those additions in real time.

StageLight allows users to create digitally with a library of virtualized instruments. It also allows people to input music from their own instruments. Using the simple StageSounds feature, users can manipulate four tracks of sound – keyboard, orchestra, guitar, and acoustic drums – in real time, as they create their songs.

Other features, accessed quickly and easily, enhance the StageLight experience. The editing tools integrated in the music creation process can assist a wide variety of music creators. From the Signal Chain controllers which allow users to manipulate individual sounds as they record to the Track Inspector that checks a track to make sure all instruments are in step with one another, StageLight provides an unprecedented level of control over the music creation process to users of every skill level.

StageLight is available beginning today for $9.99 at




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