Avisu Audio Visualizer app released

Avisu stands for Audio Visualizer, and that it is. This iPhone and iPad app breaks all barriers in terms of sound performance, design and functionality. Never before has an audio visualizer been as accurate in visualizing music from different genres in a dynamic, graphically impressive way.

Audio Visulation

Avisu is a very quick, low latency Audio VISUalizer. In other words, it allows you to see the music you are hearing with hypnotising speed and precision. It is more than a spectrum analyzer, it is a work of art. Enjoy your music like never before with the 4 unique scalable visualizer styles in 5 beautiful colors. Visualize your iPod/iTunes tracks or the microphone input.

The raw data of your iPod/iTunes tracks is processed internally for incredible precision. Audio from other apps continues to play while visualizing the microphone input, so you can visualize your favorite internet radio or whatever you like.

There are 4 types of visualizers in 6 colors, each visualizer has a Scale feature that determines the scale of the visualizer’s grid. Especially the real time scale function is very impressive, it gives you the ability to set-up the visualizer to your own advantage.

Use it in your audio dock, your car kit, on your party or just relax on the couch just daydreaming.



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