RME extends Class Compliant mode of Fireface UCX

RME releases an updated firmware that extends the channel count from 8 to 18 for the Fireface UCX when connected to an Apple iPad. One year ago at NAMM RME announced the Fireface UCX. One of the reasons it draw so much attention was the included Class Compliant mode, which turned the UCX into the world’s first professional audio interface for Apple’s iPad.

Best Compatibility

Although having 18 channels of inputs and outputs, RME decided to limit the UCX iPad mode to the first 8 analog channels, and also to use a fixed playback mirroring of channels 1/2 to the headphone output 7/8 and SPDIF/ADAT. This ensured best compatibility to all existing apps at that time.

12 months later a lot has changed. Apps are now allowed to play back more than 2 channels (stereo) – and do so. The newer iPads have become more powerful and easily record 18 channels while playing back 18 channels at the same time. The number of serious apps that try to turn the tablet into a mobile DAW has also increased.


At this years NAMM show RME therefore releases a new free firmware for the Fireface UCX, extending the 8 channel CC mode to all existing 18 channels. The UCX SPDIF and ADAT I/O can now be used together with the analog I/Os without limitations. The former fixed compatibility mode has been improved. Alternatively a straight playback routing of all playback channels to the hardware outputs can easily be activated at any time.




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