Roland announces the V-Combo VR-09

Roland is pleased to announce the V-Combo VR-09, an easy-to-transport, all-in-one solution for performing keyboard players. Dedicated piano, organ, and synth sound engines provide essential tones for live playing, while extensive real-time controls and other features offer maximum expression on stage. With its versatile sounds, inspiring operation, and smart user interface, the streamlined V-Combo VR-09 is a dream come true for gigging musicians.

The V-Combo VR-09 was designed from the ground up with live players in mind. An intuitive front-panel layout and clear LCD screen provides quick access to Roland’s top piano, organ, and synth sound engines, as well as plenty of real-time controls for expressive sound manipulation. Seven different effects are available simultaneously, with dedicated knobs that allow users to tweak multiple parameters with a single twist. In addition, convenient buttons make it simple to set up splits and layers and quickly save/recall custom keyboard setups while performing.

Piano is a cornerstone sound for live playing, and the V-Combo VR-09 is filled with a wide variety for covering all musical styles. The gorgeous acoustic grand piano sound features 88-note stereo multi-sampling, delivering pro-level tone that rivals Roland’s dedicated stage pianos. Many popular vintage E. Piano sounds are onboard as well, along with complementary effects such as vintage phaser and tremolo.

Roland’s renowned SuperNATURAL® technology powers the V-Combo VR-09’s classic tone wheel organs, while nine harmonic bars provide authentic, instantaneous performance control. In addition, a newly added transistor-type organ offers the unique sound of combo instruments from the 1960s. Rotary speaker and amp simulators are also included, including the all-new “Twin Rotary” effect.

A large variation of ready-to-play synthesizer sounds range from vintage analog classics to modern digital synths. Front-panel controls allow players to tweak synth tones while performing, including convenient ADR and cutoff/resonance adjustment with the harmonic bars in the ORGAN block. Effects like “Bit Crash” provide the ability to create modern synth sounds for current dance music, including Dubstep.

The free VR-09 Editor app for iPad provides powerful control of the organ and synth sound engines via the tablet’s full-color touchscreen interface. iPad users can intuitively edit the V-Combo VR-09’s organ and synth sounds at home with the VR-09 Editor, then take the tablet to the gig and use the app for extra real-time control on stage. Convenient, cable-free communication between the V-Combo VR-09 and iPad is simple to set up with Roland Wireless Connect. Alternately, users can link up with a USB cable via Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Many additional features are provided in the V-Combo VR-09 to expand and enhance the onstage experience. A built-in looper lets users build rich ensemble tracks on the fly with the instrument’s large selection of sounds, and WAV, MP3, and SMF songs can be played directly from optional USB flash memory for a full-band sound while performing solo or in small combos. A wide selection of onboard rhythms offer backing for practice and performing, while the famous D-BEAM® controller gives players powerful, dynamic expression with a wave of a hand.

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