Arturia MiniBrute Tour – Video

The MiniBrute’s roots stretch all the way back to the 1970’s, but it’s most definitely a child of the 21st century. It proudly stands among the MS-20s, Odysseys, Pro-Ones and Minimoogs while bringing its own personality and powerful sonic imprint.

Analog Synthesis

Today, too many musicians miss the opportunity to own an original analog synth due to skyrocketing second hand prices, and the minefield of ongoing maintenance. MiniBrute is aimed at providing them the gratifying and fun experience of true analog synthesis with an instrument that does not compromise on quality.

Crafted by the company that has brought numerous innovations such as the Origin modular synthesizer an many top rated software synthesizers, MiniBrute brings state of the art functionality that was missing on the first analog instruments: MIDI/CV control, improved stability, sophisticated arpeggiator, USB connectivity and so on. MiniBrute contains many innovations that fit today’s musical needs.




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