Crowd Funding for Dave Seaman DJ Mix compilation

Did we see an interesting Kickstarter project on the Don Buchla documentary earlier today, now there’s another interesting project and a first as far as we know, a crowd funding project for a DJ Mix album. UK based International DJ & Producer Dave Seaman is looking for funding to make the very first crowd funded DJ Mix compilation album.

DJ Mix Compilation

Dave is looking for £25,000 to make the very first crowd funded 2 x CD DJ Mix compilation album. It seems like a lot of money we hear you say. And you’d be right but albums are expensive to make. Nice artwork costs a pretty penny and of course, artists and record labels need to be paid for letting them have the rights to use their tracks.

So rest assured that your money will be allocated wisely –  licensing advances for the artists and labels featured, mechanical royalties, artwork & sleeve design, production and manufacture, postage and packaging. Plus, they have to pay people to actually do the licensing and contracting for them, mastering engineers to make it sound perfect and maybe even some PR people so they can spread the word about what could potentially be a game changing concept.

Kickstarter Project




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