Innovative post production technologies from Fairlight at NAB 2013

Fairlight will present at NAB 2013 an impressive line up of product innovations, re-claiming its leadership position in providing the post production industry with world-class solutions for advanced audio with video editing and networking technology.

As a result of Fairlight’s investments and commitment to launching new products and technologies with tangible benefits for media content creators, visitors will witness the widest and most versatile range of Fairlight post production solutions ever on display”, commented Jean-Claude Kathriner, CEO of Fairlight.

Individual product demonstrations will showcase production system options ranging from mouse based (SOLO), tactile desktop (XSTREAM, XYNERGI) to fully featured and modular consoles (QUANTUM, EVO). Powered by Fairlight’s award-winning, hardware accelerated Crystal Core processing engine with new DREAM software, Fairlight systems deliver benchmark performance and workflow integration into existing facilities.

Some highlights at Fairlight’s NAB booth

New DREAM software version featuring ASIO® bridge
Fairlight’s latest release of software includes countless additional features, is easy to operate for new users, improves workflow, and delivers faster output. New features include mouse based editing, single screen interface with new mix panel choices, and as an option multi client ASIO® bridge to host third party audio products (e.g. Pro Tools®, Nuendo®).

iCAN – ultimate customization tool
iCAN (Integrated Control Across Network) is the ultimate customization tool for all common DAW’s or Video production tools. Fairlight’s Layout Editor empowers the operator to simply drag-and-drop functions from a menu onto the Fairlight controller buttons, and determines when they will appear. iCan is designed as an open platform and can connect a Fairlight controller to third party content creation applications such as Pro Tools®, Nuendo®, Pyramix® or Media Composer® and Edius®. User-defined key layouts of the Fairlight controller display the operators ideal set up for third party applications

SOLO – mouse based Fairlight DAW
SOLO is a professional mouse-based DAW with integrated video, offering a high quality yet cost effective solution for demanding media productions. SOLO provides editing, video guide, mixing, plug-ins, file transfer and recording – in one tool. The processing power of Fairlight’s FPGA based Crystal Core processor guarantees highest performance, lowest latency and purest Audio quality.

Fairlight now also offers native, non hardware-accelerated software versions for preparation and evaluation purposes or for students/teachers to record, mix or edit – the Fairlight way. Find out at the Fairlight booth if you are eligible to receive a FREE software version.

XSTREAM – ultra compact desktop controller
XSTREAM is a powerful and compact desktop controller taking intuitive, fast tactile operation to the next level. Smaller than a 17” laptop footprint, XSTREAM’s picture keys on the control surface self-label instantly for easy navigation with fewer keystrokes, providing maximum efficiency. The control surface literally reinvents itself for each task one performs, presenting the commands at the right time. To enhance the mixing capabilities, XSTREAM can be specified with up to 24 touch sensitive motorized faders.

QUANTUM and – versatile media production center
QUANTUM is a mid-size 12 or 24 fader media production console offering a very fast, mixing environment for most demanding Audio / Video productions using HD picture with up to 192 Audio tracks. QUANTUM provides the versatility to be either fitted into a free standing Fairlight designed chassis or alternatively be mounted into a high quality table from US manufacturer TBC or the client’s own table design (

PYXIS 4K – next generation professional video recorder
PYXIS 4K is a standalone or rack-mountable, turn-key video recorder delivering a cost effective and future- proof UHD Video recording and playback, with extensive Audio capabilities and workflow compatibility. PYXIS 4K records compressed or uncompressed Video formats from SD up to 4K, and delivers transparent playback in up to 4K or dual-channel 2K resolution. For demanding multi-screen Video wall presentations, multiple systems can be synchronized for playback in up to 8K resolution.





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