Experience Focusrite RedNet On Tour

Over the coming weeks, Focusrite is offering a unique opportunity to experience the benefits offered by their versatile new Ethernet-based recording system – as RedNet goes on the road. Visitors can experience for themselves how RedNet can change studios by seeing it in action, questioning the experts and finding out more.

High Quality Audio – Ultra-Low Latency

Focusrite’s RedNet is the first to offer IP networked audio interfaces for the recording studio – and it’s perfect for any application that requires moving high quality audio around with ultra-low latency. RedNet is based on the Dante Ethernet-based audio network system developed by Audinate, a tried and tested protocol with an impressive track record in the live sound environment, running extensive systems with hundreds of audio channels and not a sample lost.

RedNet combines Focusrite’s enviable reputation for high-quality microphone preamps and precision digital audio conversion with the high-speed Dante audio networking system to create RedNet – the new audio interface solution that means the end of expensive multiway cables connecting studio and control room. Wherever there’s an Ethernet path, there’s an audio path for RedNet.

About RedNet

Focusrite’s RedNet is the first system to offer IP networked audio interfaces for the recording studio. RedNet uses standard Gigabit Ethernet switches and infrastructure, with no special devices to buy. Simply plug one or more RedNet interfaces at one end, and connect the other end of the path to the recording computer via the special RedNet PCIe card, which supports 128 channels of I/O – or the RedNet 5 32-channel HD Bridge to bring signals into Pro Tools. RedNet 1 offers eight line-level inputs and outputs, while RedNet 2 provides 16. RedNet 3 brings 32 existing digital sources and destinations into the system, while RedNet 4 adds eight of the very latest Focusrite mic/line preamps, dual selectable DIs and more.

Finally, RedNet 6 bridges the worlds of RedNet and MADI for large-scale interconnection and inter-operation of digital systems. Use RedNet with MADI – or MADI with RedNet. All RedNet units are fully remotely-controlled from the host computer or operable from the front panel, and A-D – D-A interfaces feature Focusrite precision digital conversion at up to 192 kHz, 24-bit.


Find out where your nearest event is taking place and sign up for your place here: www.focusrite.com/ethernet-audio-interfaces/rednet/rednet-events.


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