Electrodyne 2501 and 2511 Unveiled by Petes Place Audio

Recently we showed you the video of the new Electrodyne 2501 pre amp. This week Pete’s Place informed us that the 2501 and the 2511 Equalizer are being launched. In January of 2009, Electrodyne and Pete’s Place Audio teamed up to bring back the classic Electrodyne brand in 500 Series module form with the launch of the 501 discrete two-stage studio preamp and 511 two-band inductor EQ. Now, almost five years later, the two companies have come together once again to offer dual mono-channel, 19-inch rack-mounted versions of both products known as the Electrodyne 2501 and 2511.

When we first launched the 501 and 511, they quickly gained a loyal following from studio gurus like Joe Barresi, Joe Chiccarelli and Dave Way who had long been aficionados of vintage Electrodyne gear,” says Pete’s Place Audio President Lisa Montessi. “After hearing numerous engineer requests to make these 500 Series products available as standard rack-mount units, we’ve finally responded with the New York City AES introduction of our 2501 and 2511, which each house two single-channel devices in a 19-inch frame.

Electrodyne 2501

Like the Electrodyne 501, the new 2501 is a two-stage, discrete transistor, transformer-coupled preamp with active DI based primarily on the modules found in the classic 1608 console. Each amp stage is individually optimized for peak performance using detailed Electrodyne factory engineering notes and select high performance components identical to the originals. In fact, the 2501’s transformers are made by Electrodyne’s original supplier to exacting factory specifications.

The preamp’s active DI circuit presents an almost immeasurable load (over six megohms!) to sensitive musical instrument outputs allowing incredibly accurate capture of the instrument’s true tone. Furthermore, the output of the DI circuit is designed to directly connect and interact with the mic input transformer to permit an extremely broad spectrum of tonal options.

The faceplate of the Electrodyne 2501 features two sets of dual large rotary gain controls offering up to 68dB of gain–adjustable over 50dB in 2dB steps with two ranges via a 20dB pad switch–and two smaller output level pots infinitely adjustable from 0 (off) to +6dB over unity. Additional switches for impedance selection (50 or 200 ohms), phase reverse, +48V phantom power and DI (with 1/4″ input jack) are also present, as well as a clip LED on each channel that monitors all three amp stages and illuminates when any stage is 3dB from clipping.

Electrodyne 2511

Like its predecessor, the Electrodyne 511, the new 2511 is a classic two-channel, two-band, discrete transistor, reciprocal, active inductor-based equalizer using late-’60s/early-’70s design technology. As with the 2501, the 2511’s custom inductors and output transformer are made by Electrodyne’s original provider to strict factory tolerances as small as two percent. This affords a consistent EQ performance and repeatability from channel to channel that was simply not possible in the 1960s. Smooth performance and EQ response from minimum to maximum gain at all frequencies provides unusually broad sonic and tonal options not experienced since the 1970s.

The module’s faceplate sports two sets of twin large rotary EQ controls each offering ±12dB of boost and cut with four selectable frequencies per band (LF: 40, 100, 250 and 500Hz / HF: 1.5, 3, 5 and 10kHz). Shelving is available on all frequencies, with peaking offered at 250 and 500Hz in the LF band and 1.5, 3 and 5kHz in the HF band. An EQ in/out switch with accompanying LED on each channel rounds out the front panel feature set.

Both the 2501 and 2511 deliver a maximum output of almost +30dBm into 600 ohms paired with extremely low distortion specs, high signal-to-noise, and wide dynamic range. From a cosmetics standpoint, the vintage vibe of the two modules is further enhanced via the use of ’70s NOS Electrodyne knobs from the original factory. These two new products represent a continuing joint venture between Electrodyne and Pete’s Place Audio, which will manufacture, market and sell the products.

Already currently available, the Electrodyne 2501 preamp carries a price of $2,095.50 (USD) while pricing for the 2511 equalizer is set at $2,300.00.

For more information, visit Pete’s Place online at www.petesplaceaudio.com.







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