Lots of new sounds for Nord Lead 4 Synth

Six very different sound designers have created a wide range of new sounds covering everything from classic analog vintage leads and pads, FM pianos, evil distorted rave basses and complex performance patches with multilayered synchronized arpeggiating monsters and much more.

Nord Lead 4 Program Library

Thanks to ASL SoundLab, Federico Solazzo, Åke Danielson, Palle Dahlstedt, Kristofer Ulfves and Ulf “Vinyl” Stenberg for their work on creating these sounds! The sounds are compatible with the Nord Lead 4 and the Nord Lead 4R and are transferred using the Nord Sound Manager.

Listen to some sound demos here and head over to the Nord Lead 4 Program Library to download the new sounds!

ASL SoundLab Bank #1 NEW

ASL SoundLab is UK sound designer Rob Jevons. His client lists includes sound design / synth programming for Elektron (Octatrack) , Access (Virus TI2) and content supplier for Native Instruments (Massive, Maschine). He’s been working closely with UK band Hounds on production duties for their debut album which will be released later this year.

Kristofer Ulfves Bank NEW

The Nord Lead 4 program library of Clavia employee Kristofer Ulfves is much inspired by classic analogue synthesisers, electric pianos and string machines. In this 99 programs he has tried to capture the vintage sound sweetspots in the Nord Lead 4.

Federico Solazzo Bank NEW

Federico tells us “my aim in designing these sounds was to make this synth react and interact with the users, “forcing” them to listen and react as well! Like a massive synth in a real acoustic instrument behavior box! It will never sound the same, and it will take time to learn how to play with its reactions”.

Federico Solazzo is a sophisticated and eclectic pianist of funk-soul origins. At the moment, he’s playing along (as keyboardist, musical director and programmer) with Italian pop-star Alexia on her world tour and with the band of the amazing Jamal Thomas (Maceo Parker’s drummer). He’s been endorsed by Nord Keyboards since 2008.

Ulf “Vinyl” Stenberg NEW

Ulf “Vinyl” Stenberg is a Swedish keyboard player/musician with over 30 years of experience playing synthesizers. He played with synth band Strasse in the 80’s and has also worked ith big swedish names like Ted Gärdestad, Carola, Sanne Salomonsen, Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, Dan Reed, Mats Ronander and Stefan Andersson. He also writes regularly for Musikermagasinet.

Palle Dahlstedt NEW

All of Palle Dahlstedts sounds were created using the Mutator feature. Palle Dahlstedt is a Swedish composer, improviser and researcher.As an artist, he collaborates with Japanese Noh theatres, Swedish choreographers, leading San Francisco improvisers, and Tibetan lamas. Right now, he’s composing a new work to be performed in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in 2014. Palle has worked with Clavia since 1998, in many different ways. For example, he designed the Patch Mutators of the Nord Modular G2 and the Nord Lead 4.









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