Cross-Platform Support with Zynaptiq PITCHMAP 1.5

Zynaptiq announced the immediate availability of PITCHMAP 1.5, the latest edition of their real-time polyphonic pitch-mapping and pitchcorrection plug-in. This free update adds support for VST, RTAS and AAX Native on both Mac and Windows platforms, as well as many enhancements and fixes, and is available now.

PitchMap 1.5

PITCHMAP is a demixing-based plug-in that allows changing melodies and harmonies of any mixed musical recording in real-time, either by transforming them to new ones played on a MIDI keyboard, or by setting freely defined target scales. Based on Zynaptiq’s proprietary MAP (Mixed-Signal Audio Processing) artificial intelligence technology, PITCHMAP can be applied to a wide variety of tasks, including original music production, remix work, correction of tuning issues and creative manipulation of existing recordings.

Whatʼs new in PITCHMAP 1.5?

• Now also supports VST (32/64bit), RTAS and AAX Native (32/64bit) on Mac and Windows, in addition to AudioUnits on the Mac.
• Improved algorithm.
• New preset management functionality accessible from within the plug-in GUI allows user presets to be used across all plug-in formats on all platforms.
• New factory presets organized by application.
• Completely re-designed automation system for improved automation workflow.
• New option to enter values numerically by double-clicking controls.
• Snapshots now contain Sliders and Keyboard states only for better workflow.
• Enhanced compatibility with Mac OS X Sandboxing.
• New authorization app for a more streamlined user experience.

PITCHMAP 1.5 is available now at an SRP of USD 399/EUR 369 (prices in EUR inclusive of 19% VAT) from the Zynaptiq website and authorized resellers worldwide. Existing users that have opted-in to receive email will be contacted with update instructions.

A special “side-grade” edition of PITCHMAP is also available for a limited time for owners of other complementary pitch processing software, at an SRP of just USD 199/ EUR 179 SRP – visit the Zynaptiq side-grade website, compare/#sidegrade or an authorized Zynaptiq reseller for more information regarding
pricing and eligibility.








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