Voice of the Gods: Analog Stereo Plate Reverb

The VOG Reverb is an analog stereo plate reverb inspired by the classic EMT plate reverbs from the Golden Age of audio recording. 

This behemoth of reverberation is approximately 8′ x 5’2″ (Isolation case included) and weighs in at nearly 400 pounds. VOG allows your recordings to shimmer with the natural beauty of a real stereo plate reverb. It delivers that detailed and rich warm sound that emulators and plug ins simply can’t achieve. Lightning Boy Audio takes a classic sound to a new level of modern high-fidelity with our hand wired class A tube amplifiers.


  • Dampening Panel – The VOG features an adjustable dampening panel, allowing the reverb decay time to be set anywhere between 2 to 5 seconds.  The stock configuration is a manually controlled dampening panel, but for an extra $800 you can order a motorized dampening panel with a remote control (RTRI).  
  • The VOG Driver Amplifier – this class A 15 watt mono tube amp delivers rich single-ended tube tone like a true champion of Hi-Fi.  Features passive EQ controls for bass and treble and offers a volume control for pushing the reverb driver.  The Driver Amp has a balanced +4dBu XLR input and is connected to the VOG reverb case via speaker cable with standard 1/4″ connectors.  Loaded with high quality NOS EL84, 12AX7 and 6X4 vacuum tubes, paper in oil caps and the finest audio transformers.
  • The VOG Output Amplifier is an ultra clean sounding class A push pull stereo tube amplifier with separate volume controls for left and right.  The VOG Output Amplifier has balanced stereo inputs and outputs via 4 XLR jacks on the back panel.  It connects to the reverb case with a pair of microphone cables and its outputs can be connected to either the FX return on a mixing board or to the inputs of an A/D converter for digital mixing.  Hand wired point to point using silver plated wire and solder.  Made with paper in oil caps and low noise resistors for the lushest tone possible.  Loaded with premium audio transformers, a matching pair of high quality NOS 6922 vacuum tubes and a NOS 6X4 vacuum tube.  
  • Isolation Case – The Plate Reverb itself is completely suspended inside of an 8′ x 5’2″ wooden case with rubber bungees.  The case has a pair of heady duty handles on either end and comes with a set of removable heavy duty casters for transporting.  On one end of the case is the VOG’s patch panel.  This panel features a quartet of quality Neutrik jacks and a power supply jack.  There are stereo XLR outputs for connecting to the inputs of the VOG Output Amplifier, a 1/4″ jack for connecting to the output of the VOG Driver Amplifier, *a 5 Pin XLR jack for connecting to the Reverb Time Remote Interface and *a Barrel Jack for connecting a 12v 5A power supply to run the motor for the RTRI (* if RTRI option was purchased). 
  • The VOG Reverb Time Remote Interface (optional) – is a breakout box which ships with a 30′ cable (longer runs can be ordered) to remotely control the movements of the dampening panel.  The “RTRI” has a 3 way toggle switch and 2 LED lights.  The switch can be set to the right to shorten the reverb time or switched to the left to lengthen the reverb time.  The LED light on the left will indicate when the dampening panel has stopped at its shortest reverb time setting.  By flipping the switch to the right, the reverb time lengthens until it reaches is max setting.  The middle position on the toggle is stop.  If not stopped, it will achieve its maximum reverb decay time, lighting the LED on the right side of the RTRI indicating its time to switch to the stop position. Any setting in between can be achieved by switching to the stop position.  

VOG Analog Plate Reverb comes standard in an isolation case and includes VOG Driver Amplifier and VOG Output Amplifier and costs $6000 + shipping.

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