Kahnco Introduces a modular modular eurorack cases

Modular synthesis has long been a platform for deep sonic exploration that is free from the restrictions of fixed architecture signal flow found in traditional synthesizers. It’s inherent freedom nurtures an environment of new ideas and innovation that continues to grow. The modular synthesizer market is populated by the most creative and innovative manufacturers in the musical instrument industry and the rapid evolution of new products has invigorated artistic experimentation from its patrons. This resource of creativity, from user and maker alike inspired the birth of Kahnco, the first fully modular eurorack case system.

The Kahnco modular case system allows you to design and assemble a case that suits your workflow and personal aesthetic. Building with HP segments ranging from 4HP to 34HP you can put together a case in any size, and can be added to at any time. You can start small and grow your system as you acquire new modules. You will never outgrow your investment in Kahnco.

Using the Knuckle Kits and Legs, you can build rows and angle them to a custom configuration of your design and when you want to try something new, go ahead and experiment with the same parts, the possibilities are unlimited.

The Kahnco system was designed and engineered by 50A Projects and manufactured by our sister company Ferra Designs Inc all proudly based in Brooklyn, NY.

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