announces Patchblocks for Eurorack is happy to announce the availability of fully assembled Patchblocks Eurorack modules. The module runs patches that are programmed in the Patchblocks Editor. Please visit for the latest version of the editor. Patchblocks for Eurorack is designed & made by under licence from Patchblocks.  A number of additional features for the Eurorack format are implemeted including voltage control of the buttons and knobs, scaling of voltages for modular synth levels and additional transient and ESD protection for the USB input to protect the modular system from laptop or desktop computer power spikes.

Programming the module is achieved by using the Patchblocks super intuitive graphical programming environment that requires no actual coding. There are already dozens of Patches designed by users over at the Patchblocks community. Patches can be uploaded to Patchblocks hardware devices and used for live performance or in a studio environment.

Users with coding chops can also put their skills into action by developing Blocks of code that can be shared with the Patchblocks community and included in Patches.​

  • Module Size – 8HP, depth 30mm (skiff friendly
  • The module requires 50mA of +12v, 25mA of -12v and 30mA of +5v to operate, and is normally powered from a Eurorack power supply distribution bus.
  • Audio I/O – Left and Right channel analogue audio inputs and outputs, voltage range -10V to +10V.
  • Gate / Trigger Inputs – for the Left and Right switches, voltage range 0-+5V, overvoltage protected.
  • Control Voltage Inputs – for the Left and Right knobs/pots, voltage range -2.5V to +2.5V. When a CV signal is present the knob/pot acts as an attenuator/level
  • control, when no CV signal is present the knob performs the function assigned in the Patch.
  • Digital Audio and mid/serial data I/O – Using a 5pin IDC connector and ribbon cable connected on the back of the module, Left and Right channel digital audio and midi data (TX/RX) can be sent between modules, or to/from a desktop Patchblocks device.
  • USB – USB type B connector accessible at the front of the module, ESD and overvoltage protected.”

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