Grove Audio announces new high density modules


The update GMS-742a MIDI to CV Converter offers up to four channels of 16 bit CV outputs and 4 gate outputs. The module can produce up to 4 polyphonic control outputs.

The GMS-302 Dual VCO combines two VCOs with a 4 simultaneous waveform outputs and a selectable WAVE output that is chosen from one of five possible waveforms. The VCO has internal adjustments that allow the octaves to be calibrated accurately. The WAVE output also feeds an internal VCA, the control input of which is available on the panel. This allows amplitude control with an external CV without additional modules.

The GMS-709A Dual DADSR generates ADSR envelopes with an optional starting delay. The range of timing for the attach, decay and release is one millisecond to 10 seconds. The amplitude range of the ADSR waveform is 0 to 5V either plus or minus polarity, linear or exponential, and single shot, looping or gated operation.

The GMS-204 Dual Multimode Filter allows the user to select from one of 16 possible filter configurations with 1 to four poles and including low pass, bandpass, high pass, and all pass (phasor). Each filter has a voltage controlled resonance control and two exponential voltage controlled frequency inputs, 1V/Oct and adjustable.

The GMS-714 Ouad VCA has four high quality voltage controlled amplifiers that can be set for either logarithmic or linear control response. Each control input has an attenuverter that allows positive or negative control voltages. In addition, pairs of amplifier channels can be combined for a panning function. There is an internal 4 channel mono or two channel stereo mixer.

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