RØDE announces HS2 microphone

RØDE Microphones announces the new HS2 microphone. The result of an extensive and complete redesign process, the HS2 provides clean, clear and pronounced audio for any application where the microphone needs to be in close proximity to the presenter’s mouth.

The revamp begins with the ear strips. The new flexible, silicone design is both comfortable and robust allowing users to wear the HS2 for hours without feeling any discomfort. The articulated arm of the HS1 has been removed and replaced with a fixed arm – allowing the boom arm to be easily moved and shaped into position.

The new strain relief system will ensure the cable will not be damaged when pulled on or adjusted at the back of the neck. The HS2 also boasts a new 3.5mm TRS connector, with a removable locking nut, making it compatible with a wide range of recording devices and wireless transmitters, including the RØDELink Filmmaker and Newsshooter kits.

Available in both pink (HS2-P) and black (HS2-B), the new HS2 Headset Microphone is also available in large and small sizes allowing adults and children alike to enjoy the RØDE sound with comfort and convenience.

The HS2’s light weight, comfortable fit, low self-noise, minimal appearance and user friendly omni-directional polar pattern make it an ideal microphone for film, television, video, theatre, house of worship and live vocal performance.

The new HS2 headset microphone is shipping to authorised RØDE dealers now. For more information, please visit rode.com/hs2

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