Tracktion announces Copper Reference stereo tube audio interface

Tracktion is demonstrating the Copper Reference stereo interface an NAMM 2017. The retail launch of the high-end I/O, which was delayed in order to take advantage of some emerging technology, is finally at hand.

Working closely with ESS Technology, the leading high-performance audio DAC and ADC chip provider, Tracktion has designed the Copper Reference to be the first product to feature the new Sabre Pro 9038 DAC chip capable of 140dB DNR and -122 THD. Truly embodying the phrase ‘exotic silicon’ the Sabre Pro represents a major improvement on the previous king of converters, the Sabre Reference DAC.

Not to be overshadowed by the staggering specifications of the DAC, the Copper Reference input path features dual flagship AKM ADC’s run in parallel and summed to gain an extra 3 dB of dynamic range. The fully defeatable tube stage adds incredible versatility to the unit, allowing users to add subtle to extreme tube saturation to input signals. As a package, Tracktion’s Copper Reference I/O is the hot rod of audio interfaces.

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