Check this Dave Smith Instruments Pro-2 eurorack modification by Scott Fox

Scott Fox from canada did a wicked modification to his Pro-2 synthesizer. He got rid of the keys and replaced them with eurorack modules.

Scott: ‘ This is a major mod I did to my Pro 2. I removed the keybed and installed a 118hp eurorack enclosure. It involved some alterations to the chassis but it worked out nicely. The blank panels in the middle are just place holders for an Intellijel Shapeshifter I’m waiting for. There are 4 cv ins and 4 cv outs +1 gate out on the Pro 2. Nearly any parameter of the Pro 2 can be modulated via external cv. Any part of of my modular can be sequenced by the Pro 2. It’s a great marriage of form and function.’

Via Scott Fox Facebook


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