Koma´s FIELD KIT FX – CV Controlled Multi Effects Processor on Kickstarter

After the amazing campaign of the FIELD KIT last year Koma is very happy to be back with another awesome device:  The Field Kit FX. This new device is a powerful new cv controlled effects unit for your electronic music setup and pairs extremely well with the KOMA Field Kit.

  • Looper
  •  Frequency
  • ShifterSample
  • Rate Reducer / BitcrusherDigital
  • Delay
  • Analog Spring Reverb
  • 4 Channel VCA Mixer
  • 4 Step Mini Sequencer
  • Envelope Generator

All of this, combined with the new 4 Channel CV Interface which allows you to route four cv signals throughout the device, means an incredible control over sound and timbre and a great addition to your mobile performance rig.

We are in the final stages of development of the Field Kit FX and are prepping the production and we need your support to make it happen!

More info on Kickstarter

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