Kickstarter Preview – The Enhancia ring wireless MIDI controller

“How a connected ring enhances musical expression and creativity”

The project was born in France three years ago from a freshly graduated young team of passionate musicians. At the beginning, a musical glove was developed in collaboration with a Music Conservatory in France with a purpose of helping disabled children interact with music. With this glove, one was able to explore a new dimension of control, for instance, playing drums by banging in the air. It was the beginning of our development, then we asked ourselves: how can we make this technology available for musicians and add value in the process of making music? So, we started to work with the idea that we could provide a device that would help musicians exceed the technical limits of their instruments: offering them the opportunity to push their creativity beyond limits.

The connected ring is capable of controlling musical effects through predefined movements of the hand. Thus, while using a keyboard, the musician can freely add different variations to the notes played by a simple movement of the hand. For instance, keyboardist can add a vibrato by wavering the hand. Finally, musicians will enjoy more freedom and more possibilities in their composition.

Thanks to nine integrated sensors and real-time gesture recognition algorithm, a motion library especially design to complete keyboards was developed. We work closely with our community of diverse musicians which helps us to understand their need and design a product adaptable to all playing styles.  

The ring comes with a hub which could be connected to a computer or directly to a keyboard. The signal recorded by the sensors is sent to the hub through a proprietary wireless protocol optimized for low latency. The overall system is a patented technology.

The first generation of the ring will be launched through a Kickstarter campaign in March 2018. The pricing of the ring is not defined yet. The goal is to deliver the product by the end of 2018. The product will be officially introduced during the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) which will take place in Las Vegas in January 2018. We are honored to have received a CES innovation award in the “Wearable Technologies” category. The company will also exhibit at the National Association of Music Merchants Show (NAMM) by the end of January in Anaheim.

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