(arches) by soundmachines universal interface for modular, music production and performance setup now on Kickstarter

“Blending inspiration, power and ease of use, we created the perfect evolution of the concept of tactile controller. Built on the foundation of our first class touch interfaces (LS1lightstrip and LP1lightplane), found today on thousands of eurorack systems around the world, we designed a beautiful work of art and technology.

(arches) put a never seen before set of controllers at your fingertips. Sliders, lightstrips (with rec/loop capabilities), lightplanes/thumbpads with z-axis sensitivity and a row of pressure sensitive buttons. Behind those state of the art touch controllers lies a high-speed microcontroller that joins the elements to create keyboards, sequencers, arpeggiators and, finally, your perfect performance setup.

Soundmachines know-how in capacitive touch control surface is unparalleled in eurorack. With thousands of LS1lightstrips and LP1lightplanes in the market, is the name to consider when talking about reliable, simple and flawless touch CV generators/recorders. Following customer’s requests and nurturing interest for integrated, easy to use and alternative control interfaces, we came up with a series of ideas that adapted our robust technology to earlier concepts developed by the fathers of the modular synthesizers. The key target was the design and implementation of a carefully conceived product with the maximum attention to usability, highest possible degree of functionalities and an affordable pricing.”

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