Equinox Synth brings cheap Eurorack modules to your modular synthesizer system

Eurorack modules do not have to be expensive to sound good, that is what Equinox Synth wants to show the modular world. That’s the same as Behringer does, right?

Rob Spencer explains his motive behind the cheap Eurorack modules. In the first place, he believes that the barrier to starting modular synthesizers is very high due to the prices that some manufacturers charge.

To reduce his costs, he does not build the modules by hand, but by robots. Spencer says about this: ” Modules are built using cutting edge manufacturing processes. Robots don’t need expensive beard trimmers, vegan avocado toast or a workshop in the hipster neighbourhood. Cost savings which can be passed on to the customer. ”

Equinox Synth heeft momenteel vijf eurorack modules: a VCO, VCF, VCA, ADSR and LFO.

Spencer beloofd gebruik te maken van goede componenten voor zijn modules: “Components are sourced through industry standard channels. Modern components are manufactured to ever tighter quality standards. Noise has been reduced to imperceptible levels. They are also easier to source. And cheaper too.”

And the prices of these modules? Spencer promises that the modules will cost around £ 100.

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