New secret prototype hardware synthesizer Ampethron

We have received an e-mail from the design team of a new hardware synthesizer named Ampethron.

The release date is 1 September 2020, according to their Facebook event. Little or nothing has been said about the appearance, there is a YouTube video of the GUI with some audio

and some specs:

– new concept of synthesizer, new style of controlling and playing sounds
– revolutionary unit for Live-acts and Djs (also for studio production)
– many algorithms (types of synthesizers and instruments) in one DSP hardware device
– new types of synthesis / resynthesis
– 2 parallel / serial filters (14 types of filters including unique ones)
– 4 oscillators (real-time wavedrawing oscillator with touchscreen, wavetable, virtual analog, re-oscillator)
– touchscreen control + hardware control
– draw your own waveforms realtime with touchscreen (LFO and OSCILLATOR waveforms)
– multiple external connection possibilities

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