Introducing Jamahook – AI Sound Matching plugin

Jamahook is a plugin that listens to your DAW project and suggests new samples to complement your music. Using artificial intelligence created with Fraunhofer IDMT, Jamahook analyzes your material for tempo, harmony, mood, rhythm, key signature, genre and more. The result is a selection of loops that work with your track, ready to drag out at the right tempo.

Music producers have access to millions of samples, but finding the right one can be more like looking for a needle in a haystack. Jamahook makes it quick and easy to find something that works with your music, making inspiration come easy.

Loops for Any Situation
Get more specific by filtering for Genre, Instrument and Mood. Choose from three modes: match by Harmony (key and chord progression), Rhythm (material in any key that matches your groove) and Drums (find beats and percussion only).

The Perfect Match
Jamahook’s artificial intelligence, developed in partnership with Fraunhofer IDMT, can detect properties of your music such as tempo (in BPM), mood (positive to negative), energy (aggressive to calm), texture (hard to soft), density (full to sparse) and more.

Cheapest Low-cost Loop Subscription
Monthly subscription tiers include Bedroom (€3.99), Studio (€9.99) and Professional (€19.99). A discount of 50% is available on the Studio tier when paying annually.

Powered by Loopmasters
Jamahook’s current crop of samples come from content partner Loopmasters. We aim to add more soundware creators, helping others to sell their creations through Jamahook.

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