Rodec is back! with the MX-Modular analog mixer

Rodec from Belgium is back! This legendary brand, with just as many legendary mixers is showing off their new mixer at Superbooth 2022 in Berlin: the MX-Modular.

From the Rodec website:

For the signal processing section, we went with the 500 series format. You get 10 slots for 500 modules allowing you to tailor your needs by choosing from our own Rodec 500 modules but also any other available on the market.

Two mono slots can be combined into a stereo slot and fitted with our stereo backplane cassettes. These can be filled up with Rodec’s 100 series format almost like you would do with plugins in your DAW. We would love this format to be embraced by the modular community to create additional “plugins” . A stereo backplane has 22 units of height. Typical modules are between 6 and 10 units high.

The fader section can be configured with mono faders, stereo faders for instruments or computer output and DJ faders (both with fader or rotary control). All music channels feature programmable mute and solo buttons that can be grouped into scenes and recalled when creating and performing.

USB Audio interface and digital FX
Analog is cool, but you may want to use your console in a hybrid setup, together with a computer. A low-latency high quality, pluggable ADC/DAC extension is available separately. This allows you to stream multi-channel audio out of and into your computer.

The master section has a slot to insert a digital FX module with delay and reverb that automatically link to AUX 1 and AUX 2. You can also attach your own Fx by connecting them to the analog AUX send and return sockets.

  • Channel and master section
  • 8 channel analog desktop audio console
  • 2 AUX sends per channel
  • LED VU meter on each channel
  • Programmable mute and solo buttons that can be grouped into scenes and recalled when creating and performing through mute groups and solo release
  • Super smooth, short throw Alps performance faders
  • Crossfader
  • 3 analog summing buses including the master bus.
  • Up to 14 channel of analog summing: 8 analog inputs and additional stereo external input on the back panel + 2 stereo AUX returns
  • Insert per channel and stereo insert on the master gives you plenty of connectivity to add additional outboard gear.
  • Direct out per channel (post 500 module)
  • High end, balanced master out with discrete opamps and chunky lundahl transformers
  • Monitor Out
  • 2 headphone outputs with individual level control and cue/mix control
  • Link multiple MX Modular consoles together. Audio, mutes and solos will work as desired.

available spring 2023. Price tbd


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