Solid State Logic announces Pure drive quad and pure drive octo microphone preamplifiers

Solid State Logic (SSL) is thrilled to introduce the Pure drive quad and pure drive octo microphone preamplifiers, housed in 2U rack-based studio units. These preamps are available in either 4-channel (QUAD) or 8-channel (OCTO) configurations, and they both incorporate SSL’s renowned SuperAnalogue PureDrive™ Technology, initially featured in the acclaimed ORIGIN recording console. Additionally, these units introduce a newly developed DRIVE mode, an extensive array of analog and digital connectivity options, and an integrated USB-C soundcard. SSL’s latest offerings set a new standard for outboard microphone preamplifiers, ushering in a wealth of innovative sonic possibilities and workflows for discerning producers and recording engineers.

SSL’s modern-classic recording console, ORIGIN, introduced the revolutionary PureDrive microphone preamplifier. This innovative preamp retains the clarity and punch characteristic of SSL designs while providing the added flexibility to switch its character, delivering warm, harmonically rich, and driven tones that evolve with gain levels. The PureDrive™ microphone preamp has become an indispensable tool in many prestigious studios and recording facilities, renowned for its versatility and exceptional sonic characteristics. PURE DRIVE QUAD and OCTO now extend this legacy in a rack-mounted format, offering four/eight microphone preamps with ORIGIN’s renowned PURE and DRIVE modes. But there’s more: they introduce a new ‘Asymmetric’ Drive mode, comprehensive digital connectivity, and an integrated USB-C interface. PURE DRIVE QUAD and OCTO also offer four mic preamp input impedance options, allowing engineers to explore various tonal possibilities or precisely match the Mic Pre’s impedance to the microphone. Additionally, each mic preamp includes independent +48V phantom power, polarity inversion, and a sweepable High Pass Filter, available on QUAD.

“The Pure drive quad and pure drive octo introduce an unprecedented array of features and workflows for an outboard mic pre,” remarked Andy Jackson, Senior Product Manager for Studio Products. “They underscore SSL’s dedication to progressive analog circuit design, delivering exceptional performance and versatility.”

One preamp, three distinct flavors Both QUAD and OCTO offer three distinct DRIVE modes: Clean, Classic Drive, and Asymmetric Drive. Clean mode delivers SSL’s signature ultra-low noise floor and a linear preamp. Classic Drive produces predominantly odd harmonics, akin to the drive sound found on the ORIGIN console. Finally, Asymmetric Drive accentuates even harmonic content, providing enhanced thickness, coloration, and transient softening.

Advanced Connectivity PURE DRIVE QUAD and OCTO’s versatile analog and digital connectivity open up a realm of recording possibilities. Both units feature four front-mounted Hi-Z/DI Instrument inputs with automatic input detection, rear-mounted combo XLR inputs, D-sub connectors for line-level inputs, as well as insert send and return. All insert returns/ADC inputs are fully compatible with up to +24 dBu line-level, allowing seamless integration with other professional equipment. In the digital realm, QUAD and OCTO feature an integrated USB-C soundcard offering conversion up to 32-Bit/192 kHz, AES/EBU outputs, and ADAT out with SMUX support. The AES and ADAT outputs can be individually reconfigured to receive signals from the onboard USB soundcard as outputs from your DAW. Finally, both units offer auto-ranging word clock input and output to ensure robust digital clocking.

SSL’s new PURE DRIVE QUAD and OCTO preamplifiers are priced at £833/ $1399 / €1,229.00 (excluding VAT) and £1499 / $2499 / €1,829.00 (excluding VAT) respectively.

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